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3D facilities

Generating insight and clarity by taking game technology to real-time monitor and manage facilities and organisations in 3D.


- Onboarding new personnel

- Planning and communicating projects

- Maintaining safety protocols,

- Visualizing complex sets of data

- Facility management

- connect with smart devices (IOT)


the 5 pillars of 3D facilities

the value of a digitized company is broken down into these 5 pillars, making each and every one of these easier to understand in an intereactive 3D way. Elevated safety, more efficient training, clearer data, enhanced decision making and being more cost effective. A digital twin does not solve a problem, it solves a whole series of them.


Management &



Data Visualisation

Simulation & Planning


what do we do?

We digitize facilities and turn them into functional applications for mobile devices and desktop, VR and MR devices.


Our applications educate, showcase and create clarity on an architectural level to enhance decision making, project planning, management and data visualisation.


We make large facilities look like . 

A webbased 3D viewer to easy access without the need of installing applications on your devices.



An interactive digital twin gives a better understanding of how organisations operate and 


Introduce and explore the premises to clients, investors, employees and stakeholders in an interactive way.

Data visualisation

An interactive way of visualising data sets and inputs that provide clarity and quicker decision making.


Interested in digital twins but don't know how?

We are here to help.

COMPANIES that went before


complex simplicity

Simplicity is at the core of all LION3D products, putting what is needed most on the forefront and performing at a high level. That way, we create fast, easy to use and reliable experiences.

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